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2014年11月23日 (日)

National Universities Rankings (アメリカの大学ランキング)

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National Universities Rankings


#1 Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

The ivy-covered campus of Princeton University, a private institution, is located in the quiet town of Princeton, New Jersey. Princeton was the first university to offer a "no loan" policy to financially needy students, giving grants instead of loans to accepted students who need help paying tuition.


#2 Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Harvard University is a private institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. This Ivy League school is the oldest higher education institution in the country and has the largest endowment of any school in the world.


#3 Yale University
New Haven, CT

Yale University, located in New Haven, Connecticut, offers a small college life with the resources of a major research institution. Yale students are divided into 12 residential colleges that foster a supportive environment for living, learning and socializing.

#4 Tie Columbia University
New York, NY

#4 Tie Stanford University
Stanford, CA

#4 Tie University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

#7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA

Though the Massachusetts Institute of Technology may be best known for its math, science and engineering education, this private research university also offers architecture, humanities, management and social science programs. The school is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just across the Charles River from downtown Boston.

#8 Tie Duke University
Durham, NC

#8 Tie University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

#10 California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA















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