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2014年10月 2日 (木)

Ebola Information (エボラに関する情報)

10 Actions You NEED To Take To Avoid Ebola- the Hard Truth. 21/8/2014


If you live or are working in one of the affected countries its crucial for your personal and family safety to consider the following rules.


1.Do not attend funerals. There will be time after  to properly mourn and pay homage your relatives and friends in the future. Your first concern now is your family and your own children.


2.Eat at home. Prefer vegetables and only eat meat when you are sure were it comes from. Prefer chicken, fish or imported canned meals. Bush meet is absolutely forbidden.


3.Disinfect your hands frequently. Use alcohol, sanitizer,or water with bleach..


4.Avoid unprotected close personal contact with sick persons. Take time to learn about Ebola symptoms and how the disease evolves. Many diseases present similar symptoms as Ebola on its initial phase. Example Malaria can also give you very high fever, Tuberculosis can make you cough blood etc.  If someone in your house gets suddenly sick with Ebola symptoms, immediately provide him/her in a isolated private room and immediately look for medical advice.


5.If any of your workers, colleagues, students show up sick, send them home. If you run a business ensure they still get paid: that way they will not return until are well again. It will be better for your business to be disease free.


6.Stay away from Health facilities and affected areas. If you are a health worker refuse to work until mandatory basic safety measures are provided. Contact your local branch of WHO for information and support. Any non crucial health interventions should be canceled / postponed (ex vaccinations, going to the dentist, changing glasses etc).


7. Prefer private transportation and define a safety area in your own home. Dirty:clothes, shoes that you used on the street, and even any eventual family guests, will not cross that line. .You will need a space were to feel relaxed and comfortable. In fact, the less social the better. Your friends and relatives must understand that doing so the next weeks you are protecting each other. Keeping a safety distance in this Ebola times is an act of love.and friendship.


8. Follow the news online. Searching different sources you will ensure you are adequately informed and less vulnerable o rumors and superstitions. Fear can kill people too.


9. Stay away from sick animals. Ebola is a Zoonosis that have been reported in monkeys and other animals. We know almost nothing about how Ebola spreads in animals so If you have a pet and care for him, keep him at home as much as possible until this crisis is over..


10.Verify which activities in your daily routines expose you to danger and eliminate them. If this is not possible, study how you can minimize the risk.Example, if you are a public servant and have to contact many persons daily, consider using gloves. If you are into sports avoid sweaty gyms and go running instead. etc. João Oliveira

















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