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2011年1月20日 (木)

Chinese Economy Grows 10.3% in 2010 (中国経済は2010年に10.3%上昇)/Obama's speech in Hu Jintao's honour (オバマ大統領の胡錦濤主席歓迎演説全文)



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Chinese Economy Grows 10.3% in 2010


Published: January 19, 2011




The inflation rate was 4.6 percent in December compared with 5.1 percent the month before. That put inflation for the full year at 3.3 percent.

By most of the usual measures, the world's second largest economy is doing just fine — especially when compared with muted growth in the U.S. and Europe.

Retail sales jumped 18.4 percent in 2010 compared with a year earlier, while industrial output climbed 15.7 percent.





Full Text: Obama's speech in Hu Jintao's honour

NDTV Correspondent, Updated: January 19, 2011 21:25 IST

Washington:  Good morning, everyone. President Hu, members of the Chinese delegation, on behalf of Michelle and myself, welcome to the White House. And on behalf of the American people, welcome to the United States.

Three decades ago, on a January day like this, another American President stood here and welcomed another Chinese leader for the historic normalization of relations between the United States and the People's Republic of China. On that day, Deng Xiaoping spoke of the great possibilities of cooperation between our two nations.

Looking back on that winter day in 1979, it is now clear. The previous 30 years had been a time of estrangement for our two countries. The 30 years since have been a time of growing exchanges and understanding. And with this visit we can lay the foundation for the next 30 years.

At a time when some doubt the benefits of cooperation between the United States and China, this visit is also a chance to demonstrate a simple truth. We have an enormous stake in each other's success. In an interconnected world, in a global economy, nations -- including our own -- will be more prosperous and more secure when we work together.


The United States welcomes China's rise as a strong, prosperous and successful member of the community of nations. Indeed, China's success has brought with it economic benefits for our people as well as yours, and our cooperation on a range of issues has helped advance stability in the Asia Pacific and in the world. 

We also know this: History shows that societies are more harmonious, nations are more successful, and the world is more just, when the rights and responsibilities of all nations and all people are upheld, including the universal rights of every human being.

Mr. President, we can learn from our people. Chinese and American students and educators, business people, tourists, researchers and scientists, including Chinese Americans who are here today --- they work together and make progress together every single day. They know that even as our nations compete in some areas, we can cooperate in so many others, in a spirit of mutual respect, for our mutual benefit.   

What Deng Xiaoping said long ago remains true today. There are still great possibilities for cooperation between our countries. President Hu, members of the Chinese delegation, let us seize these possibilities together. Welcome to the United States of America. Hwan-ying.




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